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Tired of:

Making the same old sh*t?

Failing to perform creatively under pressure?

Settling for incredible light or awesome compositions or real moments (instead of all 3 at the same time)?

Not seeing the potential in boring scenes?

Missing moments?

Technical bullsh*t getting in your way?

Your post-production falling flat?

Making meaningless, lifeless photos?

Feeling lost in a workflow nightmare?

Clients hiring you for price vs mind-blowing work?

Worrying about how to survive and thrive in the post-pandemic photography industry?

Wanting to vomit at the thought of another wedding speech?


you’re human.

We get it. We got you. We’ll show you how to unleash the magic in those struggles.

Unleash The Magic

By far the best photography training I have EVER done and the best investment I could have made for me and my business!

Charlie Wessels

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eyes + mind


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Creating outstanding work you never dreamt possible.

Thriving creatively under pressure.

Combining exceptional light and composition and real moments — at the same time.

Seeing the creative potential in any boring scene.

Being in the right place, at the right time, for the right moments.

Achieving extraordinary light in any situation.

Creating epic portraits anywhere, anytime.

Killing it on the dance floor.

Clients hiring you for your art, not your price.

Unshackling your creativity from technical bullsh*t.

Making meaningful work for the soul.

Bringing your photos to life with next-level editing.

The sanity of a seamless, foolproof workflow.

Thriving in the post-pandemic photography industry.

Falling back in love with photography and not dreading your next wedding.